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The Sactuary Hotel in New York City is located in Midtown just off Times Square between 6th and 7th on a relatively quiet side street. The hotel, previously the Portland Square Hotel, has recently reopened as the Sanctuary with a great new decor package and, in our humble opinion, some of the best customer service in NYC. The Midtown location is what it is, central to the many venues BlogTour had on its agenda but otherwise a bit, well, Midtowny. Have a look at what BlogTour had to say about the hotel, its design, service, cleanliness and location.

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Loved the glamour. Gorgeous chandeliers. A shame the other public spaces weren’t yet open. My room was impeccably designed to maximize for the small space. Possibly a little dark overall. And the Haven roofdeck just looked tacky with the ‘ski chalet’ décor. Paola Thomas from Mirror Mirror Blog

Efficient, chic, well designed . Marcy Michaud from Stylesson 

A fabulous hotel with warm, dramatic, modern design mixed with a historical artifact/gallery look.. I noted all the wonderful texture and mixture of materials in the rooms and lobby and even bathrooms. In the room, there was croc on the bed AND the curtains. Loved the modern seating and fireplace units throughout the lobby. Debora Main from The Pillow Goddess

The design was excellent. It was a bit small, as most NY hotel rooms are, but ever nook and cranny was put to use effectively. For the most part, the common aread were dark, but bright pops of color (lighting, artwork, accessories) were used to keep the spaces from – Jeanne Chung from Cozy Stylish Chic

The hotel design combined Asian flair with contemporary elements, and the detail well executed. From the carpeting to the rich colour palette & gleaming metal tones, The Sanctuary projected timeless elegance. It was pure understated opulence. Vicki

The room is beautiful, very comfortable and roomy by NYC standards, and the lobby was amazingly beautiful and very comfortable. Jeffrey


Superb. Everyone was so friendly and kind. I forgot some jewellery in the safe at the last moment and they made sure it got into my bag. Paola Thomas from Mirror Mirror Blog

EVERYONE on the staff was personable, warm and friendly. Marcy Michaud from Stylesson 

Incredible. From walking me to 7th street and standing out in the rain for 30 minutes to hail me a cab for my sons gig to bringing me advil at 1:00 in the morning. I found ALL the staff super helpful and were top notch caliber in terms of manners, formality and protocol. Everything was taken care of for us…so helpful! Debora Main from The Pillow Goddess

The service was excellent, but I didn’t run into any situations where I had to ask the staff to go above and beyond for me. Deborah Main, however had someone go above and beyond by standing with her in the rain for 30 minutes! Jeanne Chung from Cozy Stylish Chic

The service was exemplary, the staff committed to ensuring that your stay was not only memorable, but that each and every hotel guest request was given full attention. Harking back to the day where the “guest was king.” Having stayed at 5 star hotels throughout the world, the staff and hotels commitment to the guest services was truly “top shelf” Vicki

Very accommodating!


Excellent. Room cleaners were a little assiduous in the mornings though, and I had to fend them off quite early. (I was on Seattle time, what can I say!) Paola Thomas from Mirror Mirror Blog

immaculate. Never saw any dirt of trash. No matter how messy I left my room, the housekeepers made it look sparkling! Debora Main from The Pillow Goddess

Everything in the room was perfect except for a muddy shoe print in my room when I arrived. It never disappeared during my stay. I can’t imagine that it could have been overlooked, because it was right in front of the door, but who knows – maybe I just notice things that most people don’t. Jeanne Chung from Cozy Stylish Chic

In regard to cleanliness and housekeeping, the rooms were immaculate from the sheets to the bath areas.



Perfect if you want to be near Times Square, though I don’t see why anyone would J There’s nothing to see or do in the vicinity and you have to contend with hordes of tourists the minute you step out the door. I stayed in the Meatpacking District on my previous trip and that was much more my scene. Paola Thomas from Mirror Mirror Blog

Central location in Manhattan, side street location kept noise level down. Marcy Michaud from Stylesson 

Right in the heart of the city. Convenient. LOVED the location right between 5th ave and 7th as it was real close to Central Park and great sites and stores. Debora Main from The Pillow Goddess

The location is great as a tourist – It is central to everything, and the nice thing is that even though it is Times Square, it is on one of the side streets, so you don’t get a lot of the crazy traffic. It is close to several subway lines, so for those who prefer to travel underground, it’s great. Because it is on a side street, cabs may be a bit difficult to find, but you can always take a half block walk to 6th or 7th Avenue. Because I know NY quite well, I normally prefer to stay downtown, as one has closer access to the things that interest me – shopping, parks, farmer’s market, cute cafés and restaurants, but for our BlogTour trip, The Sanctuary Hotel worked out quite well. Jeanne Chung from Cozy Stylish Chic

Centrally located for our purposes, and certainly for a day of shopping or sightseeing for a tourist. It was close to a main street which allowed catching transportation less challenging.



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