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We had the absolute pleasure to have first time BlogTour Vegas sponsor Subzero-Wolf along for the week long festivities. Subzero-Wolf treated bloggers to an evening with captivating views, design and of course freshly prepared entrees and cocktails. BlogTour Vegas toured three separate penthouses, designed with the latest in Subzero-Wolf refrigeration, cook tops, ovens, coffee makers and other amenities, located in the luxurious residential tower at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas. For more on the Penthouse event please follow our day by day blog posts. 

Subzero Wolf IT-30C_Pair_DO30TEMany of you may know Subzero-Wolf as one of the leading manufacturers in refrigeration and cooking instruments.

Subzero began in 1943 when Westye F. Bakke built the first ever freestanding freezer in his own home. The manufacturer grew into one of the world’s most prestigious brands of premium built-in refrigerators headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.Wolf has been manufacturing professional cooking equipment for hotels and restaurants for over 70 years.

In 2000 the two companies merged and Wolf joined the Subzero brand with “in-home cooking equipment ideal for a dedicated cook”. The duo compliment each other perfectly, commonly referred to as “fire and ice”.Subzero and Wolf define their working partnership as, “Corporate companions and kitchen soul mates.”

Subzero and Wolf have now launched the New Generation, a collection of products from both companies with the largest product roll out of over 60 appliances in the company’s history. The newly available products feature an integrated refrigeration line manufactured with state of the art performance and freshness technology. A nice touch is that the new line includes a selection of handles intended to match Wolf products. All drawer, tall and column refrigerators will be available in five widths in 19 new models for a wide variety of options for a completely customized experience. We love the stainless steel integrated refrigerator above for it’s sleek design and bold width and layout. “Our new integrated refrigeration products represent art and science in the kitchen,” said Jim Bakke, president and CEO of Sub-Zero and Wolf. Couldn’t agree more.

Sub Zero Wolf SO30CE_B_Vignette2

Wolf’s New Generation will be available in three stunning design styles including professional, sleek contemporary and classic transitional.The E series Black Glass single oven pictured on the left is sleek and almost restrained but a powerhouse nonetheless. Wolf has also launched an array of ancillary products including microwaves, ventilation systems and new built in coffee system. Coffee break anyone?

Subzero Wolf CG365P_Vignette_RedKnobsWolf is known for manufacturing sexy, hard working cook- and range tops and impress with their latest dual stacked sealed burners. They are built for utmost precision and control to create a perfectly crafted meal, more consistently. Subzero continues, “The gas cooktops are designed to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen.” The burners are capable up to 18,000 BTU’s with a wider range of heat to reduce boiling point by 25 percent. Sexy meets efficient. We are loving this Professional Gas Cooktop and trade mark red knobs that add a splash of color. The burners will also be available in professional, transitional and contemporary styles to accommodate any kitchen design.

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