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BlogTour has just returned from its inaugural trip to Las Vegas for  Design & Construction Week and KBIS. We had selected The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas as our hotel provider for the tour and were all around pleasantly surprised. As a note, our hotel accommodations were not sponsored by The Cosmopolitan and all opinions are those of Modenus and the BlogTour team.

My first glimpse of what would eventually become the Cosmopolitan was the construction site view from my lavish suite at the Bellagio next door. Little did I know then that this would become quite a stunner even by Vegas standards. Construction for the Cosmopolitan took five years and $3.9 billion with a grand opening of both towers in December of 2010. For all you numbers people, here are some trivia facts: The hotel has 2,995 rooms, a 75,000 sq ft casino, 300,000 sq ft of retail and restaurant space, a 40,000 sq ft spa and fitness facility, a 1,800 seat theater, and 150,000 sq ft of meeting/convention space. In 2013, the hotel was rated “The Best Hotel in the World” by Gogobot.

What we loved about the hotel were the stunning rooms, the amazing views and extremely friendly and fast service from the concierge to the bell desk to the business center. The Cosmopolitan knows how to handle a crowd and that makes all the difference when organizing a BlogTour.

Here’s what BlogTour had to say:

“The Lobby was really amazing especially when the show started on the monitors. However, there was a lack of seating that was really unfortunate. We were often meeting a large group of people and more seating options were needed.  Our rooms were not ready when we arrived and we were relying on them to text us when they were (they never did) so we went to dinner in sweaty airplane clothes and were unable to freshen up properly.  They DID however add a credit to our rooms which was a nice touch. The lobby clerks were very helpful and got my wifi access in a blink of an eye which I was grateful for.” ~ Meredith Heron “Sashay”

“The energy of the hotel was great, I felt excited and thrilled every time I reentered the hotel or came down from my room. The details incorporated in the champagne bar as well as the screens on the lobby columns were unique and interesting. Also agree with Meredith about lack of seating, especially at the Champagne bar. Service wasn’t the best, I asked for things several times in my room only to be ignored.” ~ Tina Ramchandani “Life in Sketch

“While not suitable for extreme sports, there is a chandelier. AND you can have drinks … inside it. That’s gotta score on some scale somewhere.” ~JB Bartkowiak “Building Moxie

“I loved my room — which they upgraded btw. (See Meredith’s comments above) Overall, I loved the hotel and would definitely return — the location was perfect. But yes, more seating was definitely needed in the lobby — I would have had more of those gorgeous purple settees I sat on all over place.” ~ Christine Da Costa “Decor by Christine

 ”I loved everything about the hotel except for Meredith’s comments re check-in. But they did rectify by giving us a room credit and I somehow also received a $100 gift card which I was frantically trying to spend minutes before the taxi was to pick us up for the airport.  And the room was very quiet. I’m usually a light sleeper but didn’t hear too much noise from the hallway or surrounding rooms. And yes, more seating in the Chandelier bar would have been nice.” ~Vanessa Francis “Decor Happy

My room was quiet and comfortable. I loved the projections in the lobby, but wish the hotel had a quiet spot – the entire thing felt like a nightclub at times. That being said, the food was good and I have no other complaints! ~ Rita Orrell “Designy Things”

No seating in the lobby was odd….though the video columns were pretty cool and the giant chandelier was cool, Service would have been an 8 but when I asked for help shipping a package when the business center was closed they didn’t and weren’t able to assist so 5, Location is nice and close to things ~ and well in las Vegas nothing is really close but this location is sort of in the center of a lot to do.  The bed was comfy and the view was spectacular! Carmen Christensen “Time 2 Design”

The design for public areas, entry, chandelier bar, etc. – fabulous and the room was great, wonderful view. As a bathroom designer, enjoyed the relite from shower to bed area; very fun. Then again, I couldn’t help but notice the luxury shower with valves installed upside down. (other commented on theirs, as well) That is dangerous. There was a large “water stained/cleaning area” on the carpet on my floor near the elevator exit area down the hallway through duration of stay (never dried, smelled funky). I was reminded of possible happy times gone wrong, perhaps, on said carpeted areas(?). The rest of the cleanliness was excellent. 
Service was excellent; from front door and bag check out with a person available beside the main desk for general questions (great extra touch & used several times) and on other floors (someone available to direct you, again, nice additional staff). I did not see this at any other hotel. Check out, same attentive quality & personnel. I ate at 3 of the restaurants there, all excellent. The only exception was the the Vesper Bar, last night, no service. Literally (Rate a 2). No one waited on me and I resorted to self service after 20 minutes. 
Finally, the location couldn’t have been better. But then,pumpkin coaches that magically appeared from event to event did make the logistics immeasurable.

Overall: Love the Cosmopolitan. I’d highly recommend to others. ~ Rhonda KnocheRhonda Knoche Design”

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