Chisel and Mouse – miniature architectural marvels


This is a story about people who stopped doing something they were very good at but didn’t enjoy and started doing something they love, and it shows. Brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley are Chisel and Mouse.1

Chisel & Mouse

They live and work in the beautiful British South Downs and make architectural sculptures, remarkable models of iconic buildings.

MChisel & Mouse British Icons


Some of the buildings are instantly recognizable, others will have personal resonance. One of their most popular models is part of Arsenal stadium, the old ground of the English football club of the same name. Other iconic British buildings are there but the emphasis is on architectural interest rather than tourist appeal. So alongside Buckingham Palace you can find models of Battersea Power Station, Farringdon Station and the Hoover Building.


MChisel & Mouse American Icons_edited-1









America’s rich architectural tradition is also celebrated. The Flatiron Building, Greyhound Bus Terminal and Empire State are all available. If you have a favorite building, it is worth checking the Chisel and Mouse web site to see if it is available. The models are made from plaster with a very hard resin.  Some also have fine details, such as window frames, etched in metal. For people who love buildings, they make wonderful gifts. And for those of us in love with a building which may not be amongst the Chisel and Mouse cannon all is not lost as Robert and Gavin are more than happy to undertake commissions.

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