Casa Brindisa – A BlogTour London Favourite

It’s not easy picking restaurants for BlogTour. The food needs to be excellent, of course. And the venue has to be tolerant. It needs to be the sort of place that happily accommodates a dozen and a half excited, sociable and vocal design professionals and bloggers. These people are no shrinking violets. Casa Brindisa, has been the venue for one of our dinners for every BlogTour to hit London. EggOn Rodney,  Modenus food consultant, explains why.


There are four restaurants in the Brindisa family, the first opened on the edge Borough Market, South London’s foodie pilgrimage destination, back in 2004. Getting a table was as challenging as the dried meats, seafood, spanish cheeses, fish and other delicacies were delicious. And somehow the team, led by Monika Linton, brought the joy and enthusiasm back to Tapas. ‘Brindis’, if my woefully poor Spanish serves me right, is, after all, the equivalent of the English ‘Cheers’.

For the past three years BlogTourers, if that’s the collective noun, have shared Brindisa’s superb Iberico hams, perfect anchovies, Manchego, shrimp and, of course, copious quantities of excellent Spanish wine. Food can be ordered individually or, much preferred, served family style for all to share. We love that this type of dining allows for plenty of great conversation and a warm and buzzy atmosphere that lets our teams get to know one another better. The fact that, no matter how rambunctious our crowd, the service is excellent and the food always a sure thing, certainly makes Brindisa an easy choice for BlogTour.

If you are on a London BlogTour, odds are you are going to Brindisa. If you aren’t, well its still a great place to head for. We’ve never been disappointed.

Images Brindisa and Lisa Mende. 



Eggon Rodney is the Modenus Food consultant. A lover of bad puns, good buns, ice cream and integrity.

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