BlogTour NYC – what is it all about?

Our upcoming tour to New York City for AD Home Design Show marks our fourth year of collaboration with the show and our third official BlogTour to New York. We are, as ever, thrilled to come to the Big Apple to cover the many new and exciting designs at the show - click here for a sneak peek - and are proud to add a new element to BlogTour: Learning.


We know, of course, that the bloggers we invite to join BlogTour are already very savvy when it comes to blogging, in fact, there’s not a tour we don’t walk away from having learned something new from them but we thought we would add some fun, hands on, experiences. Have a look at our itinerary highlights below and let us know what you think.

Day 1: A day of Learning

The bridal bouquet from Sex and the City via

We begin our day with a fabulous event that is sponsored by our friends at WestEdge Design Fair in LA. Megan Reilly and Troy Hanson, founders of WestEdge and long time supporters of the New York design scene, have organized a morning of flower arranging classes with Tess Casey at Aisling Studio . Tess and her team work with corporate and private clients as well as on major movie sets such as Sex and the City, Twilight,The Nanny Diaries, The Devil Wares Prada, Night at the Museum, Kinsey, All About Love, Maid of Honor and many others. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about this opportunity.

Next up, BlogTour sponsor DXV has a wonderful luncheon planned for us at Eataly in the Flatiron district before we’re off to meet this new luxury bath brand in a Manhattan showroom. We have it on very good authority that DXV will be THE luxury plumbing brand to watch as they position themselves at the heart of design communities in the US and Canada. We will be sharing more from the launch of the brand and the background stories of its stellar Design Panel projects over the next few weeks.

Cedric Vongerichten

Cedric Vongerichten

Our afternoon and evening will be spent with long time BlogTour supporter Miele USA who will continue our day’s learning concept with a vivid program hosted by Susan and William Brinson who will share their skills in food styling and photography before Miele presents a meal prepared exclusively by Cedric Vongerichten, that’s right, the son of star-chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Envious yet?

Day 2: BlogTour does AD Home Design Show

Ad home design show 2014

We begin our day at the AD Home Design Show with what is by now a tradition: Marys & Mimosas. A media event that MODENUS and the show co-created in 2011 and that has since become a New York must-attend-event with over 200 guests to kick off the show.

Part of our afternoon at the show will be spent with an exclusive media tour that will, once again, center around learning. BlogTour sponsors , BLANCORutt Cabinetry, Miele and Prizer Hoods will share not just striking new designs but provide the team with a glimpse behind the scenes, sharing what goes into the design and manufacturing of a new product.

diffa portal AD show 2014

A major highlight at the AD Home Design Show will once again be the DIFFA – Dining by Design exhibit. A guided tour will allow us to learn about the design and vision behind many of this year’s creations.

Day 3: Design Tour with Franklin Eighth

Franklin Eighth Sarah Sarna Tina Ramchandani 02

We are especially proud of our final day of BlogTour NYC which will be led by our first official BlogTour ambassadors, Tina Ramchandani and Sarah Sarna of Franklin Eighth Interior Design in Manhattan. The talented design and blogger duo has organized a fabulous day for us, beginning with a visit with star designer Bunny Williams at her shop Treillage and followed by an afternoon at McGuire in the New York Design Center where we will hear a talk by Laura Kirar, followed by styling and photography advice from stylist Raina Kattelson and photographer Michele Scotto respectively.

Our day and BlogTour NYC will come to an end at ABC Home’s romantic Cocina with another taste of the renowned Vongerichten culinary expertise. We wonder if, by then, our team will be able to apply newly acquired food photography knowledge and omit some of those Instagram filters for a BlogTourNYC #unfiltered :)

ABC home cocina restaurant interior

Stay tuned for more and please also visit our new BlogTour site for more from the tour.

As CEO and Founder of and BlogTour, Veronika is the force that drives the online design resource and series of design tours. When she's not developing her digital platforms or touring the world of design, you can find her at home in Florida with her three daughters and two dogs.

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