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we’re glad you want to find out more about us.  If you are a blogger and want to know how to join BlogTour, please drop us a note here and if you’re interested in sponsorship, please get in touch here.


So, what is BlogTour exactly?

BlogTour is owned and managed by online design resource MODENUS.COM and we launched our first tour in September 2011 to London Design Festival. Veronika Miller, our company’s fearless leader and endless optimist, thought it would be a great idea to bring a group of talented bloggers to a design venue they may not have visited before, to share new impressions and help them expand their design horizon. The group visited trade shows, showrooms and smaller venues in addition to spending some time just exploring the great city of London. Imagine, five days of design and local culture surrounded by a group of like-minded people.

And exactly what makes it so popular?

First and foremost it’s about the people. We love social media as much as the next group of Pinterest and Instagram junkies, but, we love real life more. It is wonderful to make connections virtually, to expand ones reach through Twitter or to be able to share ones sense of style through Pinterest but, to us, these connections aren’t real until they’re real. That goes for connections between peers like bloggers or designers and it also goes for connections between brands and bloggers or designers. Our first tour showed that if you leverage lots of online buzz and bring it into the real world there’s a magic that happens. Relationships were forged that have already lasted for years.

What’s next?

In terms of tours, we’ve grown from two per year in 2012, to five tours in 2013 and this year looks like we might be doing six tours. We now have national tours that are focused on specific trade shows and incorporate fun learning elements for our teams and we have two highlight tours that are a bit longer at 6-7 nights and have a broad focus not just on design but also on travel in general and local culture. Our goal is to keep pushing boundaries. To create opportunities for the bloggers that decide to join us to learn and explore and to share their new experiences with their readers and social media followers.

Tours for 2014 are:

  • New York City – March 2014 with US/Canadian bloggers for AD Home Design Show and a series of fun learning events
  • Milan (and a jaunt to Venice) in April, 2014 with US bloggers for Saloni and Milan Design Week
  • New York City – May, 2014 with US/Canadian and European bloggers for ICFF and NY Design Week
  • Paris and beyond in September, 2014 for Maison et Objet (and a little surprise jaunt)

Why this website?

Simply put: We needed more room to do more.

BlogTour regularly creates over 150 blog posts per tour and we want to be able to share the best of the best in one place. But there’s more. Our teams of bloggers are pros in the areas of interior design, kitchen & bath design, styling, photography and more. They know what they like and we want them to be able to review hotels and restaurants as well as selecting their choices for each tour – we call that Best of BlogTour Awards. What’s more is that BlogTour never really stops. We encourage our “BlogTour alumni” to continue sharing. They’re part of a great community and whether they are part of a tour or out and about on their own, their design and travel finds are always welcome on BlogTour.co .